“Success Inclination”

How do you relate with success?
Do you cherish it
Or despise it?
Do you like it or you don’t?
When you see successful people, do you
Envy them or you get motivated?

Numerous questions and many more to
Keep asking yourself.
Because, in asking these questions,
You will find answers that will teleguide
Your stride in life.
I believe that success is good and
We all aspire to be successful
In our different endeavour.
So that others will emulate to be likewise.
Success is an attraction, so sweet
Like sugar that everything flows towards.

“Blogging Plus Coffee:Wow Combination”

Coffee is the un-disputable, undeniable drink of the bloggers.


Does strong aroma of coffee makes you feel good?


There is a saying aroud here that too much coffee is not good for one’s health and yet there is strong level of addiction most especially among the blogger. Is there any alternative to coffee?. Let us get enlightened.

Images source: Pinterest.

“Nation’s Success:People’s Greatness”


The biggest national flag standing torn to shred.

Lot of times I pity our leaders. They work very hard to achieve little. Their insincerity is so glaring but yet they themselves could not see it. The situation has gone beyond being pathetic to comedy. You just need to keep smiling to maintain your sanity.

The economy of Nigeria is like a man who dig a bohe-hole in his compound. He open the tap to distribute water when he likes and if he doesn’t like your face, he lock his tap.

A system full of distraction and without genuine focus can never be a progressive system. It is like running within circle and proceeding to nowhere. Collective desire is just of mouth and not of the heart. It’s about what comes to us, not what we can build together. Could this takes us to promised land? May be, may be not.


What can we say of a nation among the top seven of the biggest oil producing nation and yet cannot boast of one refinery working. Good road across the length and breath of the country is unthinkable. Uninterupted electricity, hhaaaa. No go area. Now if a particular political party has been in place of leadership for close to two decades and  these infrastructure are not in place! Is it not high time we try new hand for a change?. It’s no brainer to provide all these things.

It takes a man that determine to make the difference, to nationally turn things around. Many of those who find themselve saddled with leadership never prepared for it. That’s why it is trial and error all the way and that’s why we are where we are today. Left behind by our contemporaries; Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil and so many others.

2nd Image source: pinterest.

“The Joy I Feel:Knowing You”


It does not matter where you are,
Neither how far away?
Nor your situation.

But one thing is sure,
I am glad when I look
Across the ocean and space.
And my mind locate the smile
On your face.

That despite uneasiness of the world
We live in,
You’re still capable of smile
Deeply and heartfelt.
I am glad deep heartedly.

Your emotion
Is an emission that
Touches my soul.
Am happy for your hapiness,
Am touched for your concern.
But all is well my dear friend.


Jon Morrow. ( Awesome Legend)
2nd pic source:  BoostBlogTraffic.com

“Why I Write Blog: The Great Expectation”


All my life I had invested great passion and time to my first love- fashion designing. This span close to thirty years of my life. My expectation then was success that will make me outstandingly wealthy. Later in years, I realised that it’s one thing to be a gifted artist but another thing to be a real businessman. My all encompassing creativity in such area… textile, embroidery, african attire making with its accessories: cap and shoe, head tie, shoe, bag and shawl for ladies. Seminar bags, mouphla. Everything around fashion am there. I do flags as well.


I hope and hope to get there. The closer i am, then something pulls it further. From 1- 10- 20 years plus, close to 30. I deliberately separated myself when it look like I need special hand of God in my situation. One thing I had never done and will never do is to ask God why? It is too big a question for me. At every stage of those terrible disappointments, I always give Him thanks for keep me going.

As I advance in number(age), I keep open mind looking for legitimate opportunity. One great thing I desire from when I was even young is to be a global brand. I thought fashion would take me there. Despite many failure to achieve that prior to now. The focus is intact.

August ’12. A sister, friend, leader in FLP. A Diamond Manager with the husband wheel-barrowed me into Forever Living Products network marketing business. She did the unusual, buys in my name to elevate me to the next level of supervisor without doing anything or knowing how to go about it. I eventually sign on two person, they too could not make any headway. Instead of given up, I started lookin for a way out. Went after life story of leading FLP managers. First Kim Madsen, a Dutch Diamond Manager and then the topmost FLP Manager Rolf Kipp, a German Double Diamond Manager. His statement that if he has to start all over again, he will go online. That statement influence me greatly. Prior to that I had attended a seminar on creating blog and how to monetize it. There was no tools in place to start then.

But today by grace, taking small step at a time. I am a blogger on the run of life. Blogging got all of me because of what it offers:- freedom, lifestyle, travellin, adding value to others, giving me a voice globally, getting knowledge on daily basis and so much more.
I have lived in Calabar for the past seven years, kind of being closed up. Thats even the reason for lack of prospect yet am not an introvert. But eventually, I stepped out of my comfort zone and damn the consequence. Breaking the bridge after the cross over. There would be no retreat and no surrender.
Am on a platform of blogosphere and am sure it is a new day of fulfillment. 

“The Dilemma Of Not Knowing What To Write”


I had faced this several times over. Sometimes I just don’t know what to pick and where to pick it. But one thing I have learnt is to keep learning from everyone and everything I can lay my hand on. Data I can consume that encourage me or prompt me to move on. This piece am writing is prompted by Michelle W’s post. “Recomended Reading:Bird by Bird” a book written by Ann Lamott.

There is this particular statement about “we need to make messes in order to find out who we are and why we are here”. In relation to being a writer. In further Ann Lamott’s word “writing and reading decreases our sense of isolation. They deepen, widen and expand our sense of life: They feed the soul and restore our largeness”. I intentionally read to learn, study to get knowledge and I can’t but agree totally to the expression above that writing and learning is soul lifting. Whatever the situation one find him/herself. It also support the fact that so many messy situation can be corrected and be put together in the right format. It’s inside the failure that where the success lies, if one can look and act with steadfastness of purpose and the reality that all cannot be lost. Something to hold on to remains.

Whenever you’re stuck, not knowing what to write or write about. If you’re like me who always make notes here and there, go to those materials scathered on your desk and read through all over again. I can assure you, something will come up and you’ll definately get a bearing.

In general life situation,there are times when we feel like we’re being stand still and things are no more working well the way they have been! Lucky you if you are a writer. What you need to do is read, write and visualize your way out of your sorrow or that unwanted situation. That’s the power and beauty of self expression. It’s globally beneficial.
Hear Michelle W. “For me, the beauty in ‘Bird by Bird’ is that it help me feel good again, about choosing to write, about dedicating myself to blogging, about my unique voice, about experimenting and making ”messes” and playing with words and pictures to make stories- simply put “go resourcing”.
A bit on Michelle.
By all standard a successful blogger, a power-house blogger, one of the leading light in wordpress.com. Such a wonderful woman who gives her best passionately. Prompting the best out of you to come out your best.
Like Eddie Murphy says in the movie Holy Man, if you are privileged to meet her in person. Please hug her and thank you in advance. To your best blogging life.

“Unending Journey:Blogging”


Image: wordpress logo.

Blogging is a lifetime journey. It has no ending, no specify condition that would make you retire from it unless you just let go. It takes you as far as you can go and your ability to learn very fast from other bloggers you interact with, is a strong factor for your growth even if you’re yet to belong to any blogging community.

Being consistent with quality post will bring you closer to leading bloggers, some of which form your early readers. Who will be willing to give you a helping hand. Blogosphere is not a place for bragging but a platform to exhibit humility. Because of the fact that there is more to know than what is already known, we must show serious desire to learn from every blogger. Reason being that there are bloggers who are more experienced, yet with great humility. I have been privileged to meet large number of such and I make sure am very attentive to their words and their ability to appreciate your like, comment, follow and reblogging. I personally feel blogging is a game of number but another school of thougth argue otherwise.

The bigger your traffic, the more your audience and business opportunity. Every like, comment and follow is an action performed by human being. By your niche and consistency, readers should know what to expect from you and it has to be quality and not quantity content. So, we all need to learn to keep abreast to gain deep acceptance. As one become known, focus must be maintained not to loose track. What matter most is the level of interaction that is maintained with fellow bloggers.

Popularity is how lots of people relate with your post. Engagement is how many people care enough whether they agree or disagree to actually respond to your content.
The goal is figuring out what it is that make people follow your blog. What type of post they enjoy reading most. To stick by it and improve on it.

WordPress platform is great with plugins and technical assistance to make your blog journey easier, eventful and result oriented. Happy blog life.

“Completely In Love”

With Blogging.


Image culled from pinterest.

Your love has given me voice. That despite the remote tiny corner of the globe where I live, am heard. It’s a great feeling. Your love to me is precious and I will continue to cherish it and strive to be a light that no dackness will comprehend. To be a path for others to follow.