Don’t keep it in the cooler any longer


Get started. There is nothing else to talk about. You’ve have allowed fear to hold you captive long enough. You have thought.. “I would.. but”. Push your “but” out of the way, and get started. You’ve been procrastinating long enough.

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“Be Open Minded:Open Eye”


Sensitivity is necessary when it comes to internet opportunity. There are so many fancy proposition that are too juicy but caution must be your watch word. Don’t put the wrong foot forward. That’s looking for quick money. The right foot is seeking knowledge. An unseen motion that doesn’t leave you where it found you( positive transformation).

“If you close your eyes for bad people to pass, you may not know when the good ones pass”.

Respect the people and ‘modus operandis’. There are laid down rules and regulations which needed to be followed in any endeavor, online inclusive. It will be insane to drive against TRAFFIC. Shine your eyes well well.