“Break The Barrier”

For New You To Emerge.


Whatever it’s called. Shell,Boundaries, roadblock, limitations, self-doubt, hurdles, name it. You must level it. The Scripture call it ‘great mountain before Zerubabel’. If you allow it to stand! You have encouraged hinderance that will make your desire goal inaccessible. The implication will be very grave and it would take everything desirable off your track.

# Talk your way to your success. It’s what coming out of you that get attracted to you. Say all the positive things that you’ll like to have by faith. Believing that you can get it.

# Be prepared for disappointments because it would come from most unexpected quarters. Success is achieved through hard work on right work and lots of perseverance.

# Mind the people you associate with. Avoid dream killer. Be sensitive and alert. Select those that are going to the same place with you and follow them.

# Meditate_ watch and pray. Where human effort reach is where God’s start.

# Be committed to taking small steps continually and consistently.

# Earmark your road map and begin to follow it dilligently.

# Believe yourself if no one else does. Be kind and realistic to yourself. Believe that what is within you is tangible enough for your take off.