“Where You Are”


Where you are is where you wanted to be. That’s fact of life. Whether by action or inaction, our doing of yesterday landed us where we are today. The good news is if our situation fall short of our expectation, it is never late to adjust and make things better irrespective of age, position, or statue. We can still effect changes and it will be better if we do.

Never bother about failure, it actually the way to success. ” Oo go, o o loogbon! Taani teacher e ?” You never been dumb and you think you are wise, who is your teacher?

Life is a teacher. Making mistake constantly and not correcting it is like one not growing up. As we grow old, life will throw all manner of things to one’s way, pleasant and unpleasant. That’s the reason one need adequate knowledge to stay on board.

Every stage of life has its challenge, but as we keep on learning. We must begin to scout for opportunity based on our ability to increase our capacity and capability. Create a genuine learning spirit so as to become an authority. The great news is knowledge is available to everyone and where it is obtainable is on the internet.

Certificate is never being required neither time limit. You are allow to go at your pace. But one thing is sure, there is availability of the required skill for one to be relevant in the new dispensation.

The world is no more where it’s used to be. It has moved and continue to move. Do you have a choice not to move? I doubt it if you do have.