“The Emerging Imagineers ( The Fishers)”


They are savvy, detailed and inspiring. They are the changers. Very knowledgable- Their tool is Media.

They are the internet marketers. Smart content creators using all the social media tools available to influence you.


‘The fisher’

They are called the influencer. When they talk, people listen and respond. Their daily dose of creativity keep people waiting, expecting what next.

They are changing the world, pathfinding and creating fresh opportunity that other people may not know exists. They are a force to be reckon with. They learn, they give and learn more. Always ahead of people they lead.

The array of content dissemination platforms are increasing by day as well the emergence of the key players. The newbreed are called newbies going through digital transformation that will eventually make them Guru. There is  much secrecy on the part of old guru wanting to keep secret the road to success online.

The rivalry of the new and old guru is fierce and it seems like kettle calling pot black. Encountering old guru will send you to the cart first hand whereas the new guru, give lots free but will eventually send you to the cart. And why not? Afterall who first gives is expected to get back. That’s what online business is all about. Are you following me? There are more to come.