“The Grace Have It”


A new year had turned around in my life. I give glory and honour to God for newness of life. 2013 had been very challenging, so many ups and down. The sharing of love from my family and friends. You are all awesome.

As we approached 2014, I set agenda :–
To allow my thought to become a tangible thing__word on the marble.
Dream more and do better bit by bit.
Wet my ground with appropriate contents.
Follow my passion and allow it to be my banner.
Follow the road to success online:-
Watch the influencer,
Creat my wing,(content)
Tap into kindness available online-knowledge,
Utilize the knowledge by sowing good seed(content). Add value.

Internet is a journey- an adventure in all sense but a progressive one. Let us all embark on this giant stride, become a risk taker, the leading light, the mover and shaker. The team builder.
See you all on the other side.

“Reality of Motivation and Doubt”

Do unto yourself as you do on to others. Word merchant world over are faced with so many challenges and self doubt. most especially when you are passing through tough times. Many are times i feel like i  am adequately prepared, yet many times i have this hard heartbeat. The door to other annex outside the comfort zone is wide open but it isn’t a work over . When i look at the enormity of daily routine to catch up, i looked up for divine help.

Nothing can be painful when the anticipated result is not as smooth as expected or slightly delayed. Though it is not as if it would not come, but will require hard knock of commitment. The good time and the bad time has periodic interplay  and it may reflect on your mood and disposition.

We all know that life is not a bed full of roses, that is why that unpleasant interlude are part and parcel of a good story. That is the way i see it and i know so also many self motivated people. Where there is no pain there is no gain.

Whatever is the experience today is just a passage. In such a passage, there is no stopping point. It is either you’re voluntarily moving or you are shoved aside  or allow others to walk over you. I discovered that there is no permanent situation in life. We need to keep moving, better if it is forward. Getting the best of what life has to offer.170812-0802

“Weekly Writing Challenge:Object”


Right behind me is Mary Slessor statue atop roundabout. A road named after her. This woman fought for the abolition of killing of twins in Calabar.

Like the WordPress popular saying, ‘we all have several reasons why we blog’. One vocal point is making imposibility possible. I was watching Karmal Ravikant video recently. He made a strong statement that stuck with me. “If something scares you, there is something magical on the other side of it”. If only you can take the risk to take step. He continue to say ” success has its dark side” but having fullfillment is the most desirable thing.

The great thing that is binding the world together today is Sharing. The focus should be on the process not the outcome. Who do you become in the process?.

When we talk of entrepreneurship, we should be thinking of self expression. You must first of all discover who you are to freely express it and in the process share what you learn.

There is a moment when you’ll need to take a strong decision how to live your life and what you want it to be. Manifestation comes from ideas and possibilities. You must work towards a redemptive power of making a choice. Lucky you if it’s right and perfect, and if it is not, there is always lesson learnt and the drive to move on with trying another approach to the issue.

Nothing to loose making a choice. Just decide, just believe, just learn and know you can be anything you want to be. Unleash your potentials.

“Going Forward Via Internet”


If you are not reading, you will rotten.
If you are not learning, you will be obsolete.

Without knowledge, you will lack the capacity and the drive which is needed to achieve anything tangible in life.

Without capacity, there will be no capability to earnest opportunity when it comes.

Leave your yesterday with its pain behind,
Embrace the future with its promise. Be Focused. Be Determine. Be Passionate. Be Humble.
Be Grateful.


Get Knowledge(The Power). The Principal Thing……

“Be Internet Compliance or Face Displacement”


This isn’t threat but a concern, a genuine one. There is a big shakeup ahead which may not be seen physically but heartfelt. Internet is bringing about a great displacement across all facet of human existence. Be it social, economic, politic, name it.

As popular as internet seems to be, there are hundred of million of people who still doesn’t know what it is about. Some are not really able to imagine how to get going at it. We must continue to talk of motiivation for the people out there who cannot as of now get going.

The full potential of the internet is yet to come. Its imperative that those that know the how-to must reach out to those that are yet to. This must continue without an ending until something more phenomenon than internet surface. And if it does, it would be an offshoot of the internet. I know we are yet to see the best of the internet.

It is all great if you are in the know but if you are yet to be, it is time you begin to, because given couple of years to come. You may be left behind completely because of this paradigm shift. The shift will become more pronounced. The effect of the internet will be so potent that everything will revolve around it. 

The question I used to ask myself is where is my place in this and I honestly want you to ask yourself the same question. Where would be your place when chips are down?. If you access the trend critically, the issue enumerated above is inevitable. It will definately come to be.

The present tradional ways of doing thing will be a thing of the past. My prayer is those that are yet to look into the crystalball should do so as a matter of urgency. This is leading to total technological change that will be unprecedented.

“Don’t Look Back: Move On”


Today. Facebook acquired Whatsapp for whopping $19b. The biggest acquisition as of today.

Whatsapp is loved by everyone for its privacy with about 450 million people visiting the site daily. Started in 2009 with $8 million but today sold for $19 billion. Incidentally. One of the co-founder who is now a billionaire could not get a job either from facebook or twitter in 2009.

Nurture what you have to greatness. And don’t back out because you never can tell where it will lead you to. Believe in yourself

and what you have got. There is no limit.

“Avoid Ponzi Coat Of Many Color”


When you subscribe to e mail, you will get ‘orisirisi’ meaning plenty stuff [ some nonsense ]. As Abami Eda Fela Anikulapo Kuti sing ” different, different fever na i’m dey. Malaria fever, influential fever, yellow fever nko?  e dey, original and artificial e dey. Meaning the good, the bad and the ugly is available.

It is a must to surf the web to understand and learn the rudiment, you will encounter “different, different” and if you don’t apply wisdom “na you sabi” meaning you are on your own. Fela continue to sing “Artificial catch you! You be man or woman, na you go catch am yourself and na your money go do am for you”. ” You go yellow pass yellow, you must get double color, battered, beaten and dejected

Greed for easy money without adequate investment will lead you to nowhere. Anybody can sell dummy, it tales the greed of the recipient to take it. How would someone somewhere I never transacted business with tells me ” I owe you money” from where to where?. When I was young, i used to hear this rock n roll song ” when I was a little boy. Mama used to tell any man can be a fool, what will be will be”. Never be anybody’s fool.

Get knowledge. That’s my candid advice to anyone willing to go online for business. Let it be the foundation of everything you aspire to do on the net. Never be in a hurry to make money. Time to seek knowledge must be the initial investment. TIME is that currency. When you get to the point of investing money, you will know. You will not go far if you are covetous. Your journey up there will be very challenging but scalable with modesty. Mind you! “Original and Artificial e dey”

“Touch And Go”


Finger park, Diamond Hill, Calabar. Nigeria.

Online business is a Race, the community is a Race, starting proper is a Race which has a prize tag:- freedom, wealth, seccess, sound education that you could hardly get elsewhere, ability to touch others positively etc.
A race with a set goal as mark to go on the race of life. Go for it, it’s full of fun.

“He who treads softly goes far”